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The origins of Sanatan Dharam Mandir

Prior to 2012, the local Indian families of Tauranga, New Zealand, used to gather a few times a year for a Jagrata at each others house. It was here that the families envisioned that one day they would build and maintain a Hindu Mandir in Tauranga.

What happen next?

In 2012, after much hard work and dedication by the families, Sanatan Dharam Trust was established. The trust with the help of the wider community were able to purchase the site on which the Mandir sits today. After much more support and programs the trust began developing the Mandir building which is where the Mandir programs are held today. 

What's next?

With the completion of the Mandir building itself, the trust is looking to hire a Pujari and start hosting more regular and effective programs, enabling them to help spread the message of Sanatana Dharma to the Tauranga community